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Club & Team Award Winners

Our team and club award winners were announced at our awards day event on the 21st May 2023 at Pine Ridge Golf Club. Team awards were chosen by the team managers and coaches. Over 300 nominations for our twenty-one club awards were collected and presented to an independent panel. These nominations were all supported by statements and we thank those who took the time to write about our young players and acknowledge their place and achievements within our football community. Our sincerest congratulations to all our award winners this season.

Official photos will be emailed to your team managers. 

Club Award Winners

Ron Gray Shield
Outstanding Player

"... excellent vision, can play in almost any position and is a dependable presence on pitch - always listening and giving it his all..."


Silver Football
Outstanding Player

"... the sort of player that every team needs. Dependable, full of energy and a brilliant mindset when it comes to football who's stuck with his team through thick and thin."


Charles Church Shield
Outstanding Girl Player

"She has been with me from the beginning of the U18s journey...listens, helps out, is supportive of others and is genuinely what every coach wants in a player. On pitch, she puts in 110%. Her support and loyalty to the club and team has been amazing!"


Team Of The Year
Outstanding Girls Team

"The first group of girls to win a major trophy in the history of the CTYFC girls section. On the day, they beat higher tiered opposition with an outstanding performance beating Churt 2-0..."


Crawley Trophy
Respect & Sportsmanship
(U11 & U12)

" In the 3 seasons I have coached him I never heard him complain about anyone or anything, he  supports the team even when he is not playing.  Despite being the smallest player in the team, he has the biggest heart and the warmest smile."


Farrell President's Cup
Outstanding Midfielder

"Loves a worldie goal, scores with his head, either feet or throw, he’s got a bullet of one. Skills galore, tricks and flicks and when he goes beast mode, he’s incredibly hard to stop. Great lad, great attitude and plays with a smile on his face."


Simon Reed
Senior Player's Plaque

"A mainstay of the team - a real box to box midfielder who weighs in with his fair share of goals. He's good anywhere across the middle or on the wings and can be a real match winner on his day."



Young Striker's Shield
Outstanding Performance (U7-U8)

"Hugely consistent and dependable who shows up week-on-week with a great attitude... a real central and selfless player in our team..."


Junior Striker's Trophy
Outstanding Performance

"...a player who dazzles everyone with his effortless array of skills, goals and assists. Works very hard for his team... always polite and willing to improve."


Outstanding Performance
From a Girl Player

"...a pocket rocket who covers more of the pitch than any of the team, her fitness can’t be rivalled. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she can play well in any position. The energy she brings to the team is electric! A true smiley asset to our team."


Founders Gold Cup
Outstanding Player

"Every season, he proves himself to be a complete player who can play anywhere on pitch.  Liked by all, he is solid, reliable and respectful bringing a brilliant pace and energy to match days."


Durrell Cup
Outstanding Goalkeeper

"... He has had many performances this season where he has ensured the Rovers have secured a win. I have had opposition coaches and parents approach me to praise Bennie for his performances over the season."


Strikers Trophy
Outstanding Striker

"... an incredibly talented striker but someone who will smash through walls for the team. He chases every ball down even if it seems like a lost cause which will often end with him creating chances for himself and others. Leads by example & well-liked..."


Precious Metal Shield
Team Performance


" Won the league again on the 29th of Jan and reached the Surrey County Cup Final and League Cup Final again for the 2nd year running.  Stood strong, rose to the challenge and showed a real desire to perform to the highest levels in every game. 

What an outstanding effort by an outstanding TEAM!!!!"


Crawley Shield
Respect & Sportsmanship

"...a pleasure to coach; he is always smiling and happy... always very respectful and has a good understanding of being part of a team."


John Ive Cup
Respect & Sportsmanship

"During a cup game, the opposition scored an own goal and David went over to the player  to give him some encouragement. It was a wonderful display of sportsmanship..."


Charles Church Cup
Respect & Sportswomanship

"...she is a pleasure to be around in training and matches. Her smile and fun approach have a knock-on effect for all the girls. She is always willing to go in any position and works her way into the game through her positive and fun attitude..."


Winyard Woolf Cup
Outstanding Performance

"He played in a Cup game against Liphook in which he gave everything and showed a real never say die attitude which in turn inspired the whole team against a really strong side..."


Bernard Jones Cup
Outstanding Defender

" outstanding defender not just in 2022/23 but for the past few seasons. He has electric pace, physical strength and reads the game superbly. The timing of his tackles is superb, and he rarely concedes free kicks."


Velden Trophy
Respect & Sportsmanship

"Someone who regularly shows great friendship, support, courage, leadership, and respect by standing up for his team mates and doing the right thing. He's played a huge part in helping his team bond and building team spirit..."


Bill Mackie Award
Outstanding  Club Contribution

A note from our chairman.
"On April 3, 2023, we tragically lost one of us. Wayne was someone who I have known for nearly 20 years. Football was the catalyst for a friendship that bought so much laughter over the years along with our deep belief of providing football to the children of our area. Wayne was the 1st to take that into adult football and many of the players playing with him today have enjoyed him as a coach and a friend. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him and our club is missing a piece of it.
RIP Wayne."


Team Award Winners

U8 Team Award Winners

Alexander Ford, Arjun Sahota, Ethan Rotherham, Alexander Danylyshyn, Charlie Joyce, 

Jonah Isaacs, Jake Quinsee, Luke Wang, Clark Bradfield, Arlo Susio, Max Woodhead, Harjas Bhullar

Oscar Brooker, Ethan Foy, Ekkam Toor, Niamh Davidson

Viran Mahal, Oliver Aguirre Ortega

U10 Team Award Winners

Olivia Jarvis, Isabella Prida, Belle Davie, Ella James,

Lucy Etherington, Abigail Draper, Reggie Morris,

Tobias Houghton, Theo Curry, Jesse Moore, 

George Thorne, Archie Drye, Alex Macdonald,

Noah Walpole, Avraj Mahal

U12 Team Award Winners

Hannah Harper, Amelie Lowe, Ash Jefferies, 

Aaron Plunkett, Owen Southern, Tyler Thorn,

Bradley McKinnon, Oscar Bailey, Ethan Clark, Eliot Ferris

Arjun Bajar-Heath, Lewis Phillips

U14 Team Award Winners

Anais Thompson, Ava Reeks, Beth Cousins,

Prabanchan Satha, Finnan Loveday, Harvey Butterfield,

Cameron Muthen, Daniel Ralph, Taan Sangha,

Callum Jacoby, Nehemiah Adams, Harry Jackman,

Josh Edwards, Taylor Robson, Freddie Morgan-Evans

U16 Team Award Winners

Sean Darroch, Casper Blakeway, Sam McDonald,

Jessica Brierley, Jess Birchmore, Libby Gane,

Charlie Mackay, Michael Denyer, Jack Thompson,

Harry Keane, Jacob Loveday, Jake Gamblin, 

Faris Elharrati, Archie Davie, Marcel Balicki

Old Boys Team Award Winners

Jack Brooker, Steve McNamara, Jaihg Tonkyn

U9 Team Award Winners

Ruby Williams, Ruby Womersley, Emily De Rosa, 

Luke Butler, Arjan Kler, Mason Thomas, 

Sam Reay-Williams, Oscar Jessop, Azaan Chaudry,

Jack Griggs, Matt Scales, Jasper Ewan, Archie Lacey

Harvey Walker, Reid McLeod, Vlad Voicu, Noah Taylor

Harrison Mannix, Elis Lewis, William Samuels, Theo Cooke

U11 Team Award Winners

Ellie Sheppard, Kara Thomas, Juliette Clark, Perez Yeboah,

Jimmy Wilson, Connor McTernan, Matthew Le Page,

Alfie Thomson, Matteo Lomanto, Harry Younger,

Blake Brown, Antonina Nowacka, Charlie Graham,

William Hinchliffe, Diego Lopez, Owen Maxwell,

Samarth Nembang, Rhys Sandhu, Jayden Payet,

Josh Joyce, Danny Alexander

U13 Team Award Winners

Danielle Davies, Ella Lowe, Valeria Aguirre Ortega,

Ethan Welham, Josh Brooks, Will Day, Harry Sargent,

Kobi Abuchi, Oliver Densley, Amaya Barnes, Cole Kleboe,

Oli Draper, Sophie Viviers, Lambert Louw, Rily Warne

U15 Team Award Winners

Onur Yildirim, Tom Russell, Kajetan Kowalski, 

Pratheesh Mayuran, Tom Russell, Aryan Bhangu, 

Jacob Lucas, Josh Ewing, Kris Eccleston

U17/18 Team Award Winners

Mark Fensome, Harry Baker, Aidan Kolshi, Jemma Hurley, 

Lauren Keane, Emilia Gonzalez, Will Ryan, Harvey Atkinson, Oliver Stroud

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