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Respect & Safeguarding

This season, we've made it club policy that ALL matches should have a Respect Steward at games to assist the referee and management in controlling the spectators and ensuring our players continue to enjoy their game in a safe and positive environment.

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We’re backing Play Safe

Camberley Town Youth F.C. is lending its full support to Play Safe – a national FA-led campaign to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding in football. Play Safe is being run in partnership with the NSPCC and has the full backing of the Premier League, EFL, Barclays FA Women’s Super League and the FA Women’s Championship. It’s also supported and being run across every other level of the game. The main element of Play Safe is to let parents/carers and children themselves know what to do if they feel unsafe or worried because nothing matters more than making sure football is safe for everyone, especially children and young people.  Together, we want to do everything we can so everyone – particularly children and young people – has a consistently positive experience of our great game.


Playing football in a safe and supportive space starts with us. The FA Respect Codes of Conduct are in place for us to create a safe and inclusive environment for our players to learn and play football. We expect high standards of behaviour from all involved with the Club and at the end of a season, if our teams finish within the Top Ten in their league age groups for Respect scores then their teams are rewarded with vouchers kindly donated by one of our sponsors.
Individual Codes of Conduct can be found below. Please share links with your players and teams and urge them to read them before the season starts.



However, as coaches in positions of trust, we also have a wider responsibility to all the children in the club to ensure they are safe and protected.

Safeguarding rules and regulations can be found here:


If your player has been involved in a serious incident/accident at training or during a match, please log the incident with us so we are aware. A form to record all medical incidents and accidents can be found here to be completed by the manager/coach responsible for that team.


Whistle-blowing can be used as an early warning system or when it’s recognised that appropriate actions have not been taken. This approach or policy is adopted in many different walks of life.

It is about revealing and raising concerns over misconduct or malpractice within an organisation or an independent structure associated with it.

Any adult or young person with concerns about a colleague can also use whistle-blowing by calling 0800 169 1863 and asking for The FA's safeguarding team, or via email at

Alternatively, you can go direct the Police or Children’s Social Care and report your concerns there, or to the Child Protection in Sport Unit via or the NSPCC Helpline via 0808 800 5000 or by emailing

Other relevant documents are here for your information including the FA Safeguarding policies and one specific to the Club.

The following are resources to assist in working with young people, understanding our roles and responsibilities but also ensuring our players are safe from harm and risk outside of football. We have to look out for every child in our Club.

Photography and videography is always a contentious issue every season especially since the club started using VEO technology. We have our own photography and video policy in place. We ask that all under our banner adhere to the rules in this policy. We also ask all using VEO to sign specific consent forms. Click on the policy to enlarge. Available also to distribute as a PDF document. Please press the button for the link to the form. 

Report A Concern


We have a duty to protect all children who play football under the CTYFC banner. If you are ever worried about a child on a team then always contact our Child Welfare Officers.

The following websites can also be consulted for advice:
Phil Rendell/ County Welfare Officer
@Surrey FA via / 01372 387090
The FA via 0800 169 1863
NSPCC via / 0808 800 5000
Child Protection in Sport Unit via







The following documents have additional advice and support for anyone wishing to report any concerns about a player. Please note, there are no wrong or right answers here, you can simply call either of our CWOs for advice and a chat and they can advise. 

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