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This page will be updated over the season with news of our fundraising events and schemes for the season. For any enquiries about how you can contribute, please email our Chairman, Barrie Funnell/


A note from Barrie:

Dear Friend or Supporter,


Season 23/24 is the 50th season of football for Camberley Town Youth F.C.  I wonder if the founders envisaged that it would still be around 50 years on with over 60 teams and the possibility, this season, of topping 1,000 players. It’s a wonderful achievement for our community that this Club is still going and we get to provide football for so many young people.


Having been connected to the club for part of those 50 years, you will be aware of the clubhouse that stands on South Camberley Primary School, formerly Watchett's Junior School, built by the founders of the club along with many volunteers. Sadly, the clubhouse has not really been fit for purpose for a few years now, and really needs replacing for something that can used as a base for the junior side of our club.


With this in mind, the club has launched a campaign to raise “£50k for 50 years” with the ambition of safely removing the clubhouse and replacing it with something that will be of great benefit to the wider community, and can help the club continue to thrive and grow.

We have many fundraising events planned for the year but part of our campaign involves a Go Fund me page that we are trying to share with as many former coaches, parents and players of our club in the hope they can make a donation and help us achieve something amazing for our 50th year.

Anything you could donate would be gratefully received, and when the project is complete I would love for old members to come and visit and see what they have helped create. In return, please share this link with as many people or organisations as possible including anyone who may have been connected to Camberley Town Youth in the past. Help us to continue creating great friendships and memories through football for many years to come.



Yours in Sport,

Barrie Funnell

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