As a Club, this is our system for assisting the NHS Track & Trace system and ensuring we have collected data of all who may play/train at our facilities.

Please ensure that however you communicate with your team that all email addresses and telephone numbers are up to date. The Club has two recommended procedures here:


The Club has a record of  every team’s training location, time and day. The info of the coach/administrator of that team will be reported to NHS Track & Trace if requested.  We advise all managers to keep a register of all training attendees/spectators.


On our website, we have created a Track & Trace form that allows you to log in information about all HOME matches. We ask that ONE representative fill in that form from the home team and one from the away team. This information will be kept for 21 days in line with NHS and GDPR guidelines.

Covid-19 Track & Trace

Help us keep you and your teams safe. All information will be destroyed after 21 days in accordance with GDPR guidance and not used for any other reason.