February 2022

2021/22 season

For current COVID guidance, we ask you to go to:

We remind all to look at the steps set out by the government to reduce the risk of catching and spreading COVID. 

  • get vaccinated

  • consider wearing a mask in enclosed spaces

  • get tested if you have symptoms and stay at home if you can.

Self-isolation is not a legal requirement but as a club we'd recommend that any time your child is ill whether it be with a cold, cough or any other viral infection then please show your team the courtesy of not training/playing until you are well and better. Some things are more important than football.

Even with a change of rules, we also remind you that our football community is made up of many different families and communities and we ask that we remain respectful and considerate towards all. Your club COVID officer is Kristen Bailey and if there is any confusion over the new guidance etc, then please contact her for a chat.