May, 2021


Our COVID-19 team is run by Kristen Bailey and all correspondence should pass through her in the first instance. Her contact details can be found here. The documents below were updated on the 16th May and are currently valid. Even though the rules have been updated and restrictions are easing, we are instructing all to still exercise caution. Do not gather in groups of more than 30 outdoors and do continue to encourage less contact and good hygiene practices e.g. handwashing, sanitisation of equipment.

The FA have issued full COVID-19 guidance and documents which can be found HERE. Underneath the information on the page, there are four PDF documents that we bring to your attention.

We ask that all players, coaches, match officials, league officials, volunteers, parents/carers, spectators read these in detail in addition to the latest Government guidance on COVID-19.

The following video tells you about the Club's COVID-19 strategy:


Thanks to the Football Foundation, and the work of Paul Barrass, our grants officer, we also have received funds to help invest in making our training and match venues safer for all. Please click on the Press Release to expand.



These documents have been prepared by the Club in alignment with recent FA guidance.

Risk Assessments

There are multiple Club prepared risk assessments here that outline all the precautions we expect all our players and managers to take when involved in training and matches in order to keep everyone safe and prevent the potential transmission of COVID-19. There is a general assessment and specific ones to all the venues we currently use. Please read through the assessments thoroughly and feel free to share this guidance with others. Risk assessments are living documents so these will be updated accordingly in line with any new guidance from the government/ the FA.

The following risk assessments relate to specific training venues. Please read this advice carefully and ensure you abide by the rules set out by any venues we use.

The following are handy guides that summarise the risk assessments above for parents/players and managers/coaches. These are ideal for sharing with your team/on WhatsApp groups and social media. Again, this will be updated when needed. Click on the images below to enlarge. These will be posted on all our social media outlets. Also available as PDFs if you wish to share via email.