Club & Team Award Winners

Our team and club award winners were announced at our awards day event on the 22nd May 2022 at Pine Ridge Golf Club. Team awards were chosen by the team managers and coaches. Over 300 nominations for our twenty-one club awards were collected and presented to an independent panel. These nominations were all supported by statements and we thank those who took the time to write about our young players and acknowledge their place and achievements within our football community. Our sincerest congratulations to all our award winners this season.

Ron Gray Shield
Outstanding Player

"... a joy to watch since Mini Kickers. Expert composure on the ball, fantasic listening skills and great asset to any team..."


Silver Football
Outstanding Player

"...shown true dedication to his team, never misses training, plays wherever he's needed on pitch and amazing passion, drive and pride. A true unsung hero!"


Charles Church Shield
Outstanding Girl Player

"She puts 110% into her football with a brilliant go get 'em attitude. She's not missed a match and shown complete dedication to her team. Her team spirit and progress both personally and in her football has been phenomenal."


Team Of The Year
Outstanding Girls Team

"The reason I would like to nominate this team for this award is for their sheer determination to never give up!  Their fighting spirit and team spirit has made me so proud... "


Crawley Trophy
Respect & Sportsmanship
(U11 & U12)

"A longstanding member of this team, he rarely misses a training session or match and is both popular amongst his team mates and coaches. Always encouraging, always championing his team..."


Farrell President's Cup
Outstanding Midfielder

"A versatile player who excels as a box-to-box, midfield engine, effective in attack and defence who never stops running until the final whistle. A very positive character to have around the team, glass is always half full even when the team are struggling."


Simon Reed
Senior Player's Plaque

"This player has played for CTYFC since he was seven, initially a striker but grew to be a perfect, if unorthodox centre half. Always willing to put his head where others wince and not afraid to go in goal in an emergency. He is ever present at training with a great ability to read the game and the driest banter on pitch."



Young Striker's Shield
Outstanding Performance (U7-U8)

"Regular volunteer to go into defence with his Van Dijk-esque performances helping to put a foundation in place for his team..."


Junior Striker's Trophy
Outstanding Performance

"...A popular lad who always gives 100%. His performance in a recent Cup game saw him score 5 goals, leaving everything on pitch when the result really mattered..."


Outstanding Performance
From a Girl Player

"This player’s work rate is second to none, running up and down the left wing to help out our strikers and defenders. She has great pace and never gives up, she is a real asset to the team, a great team player and a pleasure to coach."


Founders Gold Cup
Outstanding Player

"Despite struggles with autism, this player does not let that get in the way of his football. He has become a determined and intelligent player and has made himself an integral part of the team."


Durrell Cup
Outstanding Goalkeeper

"... the heartbeat of our team, respectful to everyone one who he comes across, full of encouragement to his teammates, and has such a great attitude. A fantastic role model at an age where they are few and far between."


Strikers Trophy
Outstanding Striker

"A striker full of energy, runs the channels, doesn’t give the defenders the chance to play out and is lethal with both feet, lost count of the number of bangers he’s scored this year, quiet lad but respected by his teammates."


Precious Metal Shield
Team Performance


"What a season. They won the Surrey Youth League Premier Elite title going unbeaten throughout the season winning 14 games, drawing 4. We scored over 70 goals. The team spirit and consistency shown in performance was a joy to watch and coach. Also, Surrey County Cup finalists and League Cup WINNERS. An outstanding effort by an outstanding TEAM!!!!"


Crawley Shield
Respect & Sportsmanship

"...despite a heart condition which saw him move team, he shows determination, kindness and respect to all...a true credit to our club...'


John Ive Cup
Respect & Sportsmanship

"One of the most respectful kids on the team, never moans, checks in on anyone who's injured and always encouraging his team on and off the pitch..."


Charles Church Cup
Respect & Sportswomanship

"This player is a joy to have on the team, always making us laugh in training, such a gentle soul and is just so polite and caring. She has the upmost respect for us as managers which supports a great culture within the team."


Winyard Woolf Cup
Outstanding Performance

"A strong and courageous goalkeeper who has excelled this season, sometimes single-handedly keeping opposing teams at bay. A solid and consistent contributor to his team."


Bernard Jones Cup
Outstanding Defender

"A longstanding member of the team, he is the terrier of the team, aka 'Scholesy.' He’s a really tenacious player who has played in every defensive position this season and covers every blade of grass on the pitch."


Velden Trophy
Respect & Sportsmanship

"Known throughout the club. for many reasons... he's a ref at Redwood, always offering his help. This year, in a mixed playing season he's shown his levels of maturity, determination and a unwavering loyalty to the red and white."


Bill Mackie Award
Outstanding  Club Contribution

"In her last year as Club Treasurer, we are indebted to Jo for all the time, kindness and energy she has brought to our Committee. A good friend to so many within CTYFC, nothing is ever too much trouble for her. She organises so much within the Club but is always at the heart of our annual Dutch Trip, in particular. We thank her for her many years of service to CTYFC."


Team Award Winners

U8 Team Award Winners

Harvey Walker, Noah Taylor, Blake Dell, Freddie Sweeney, Ryan Toor, Elis Lewis, Matt Scales, Elliot Bond, Theo Peare, Liam Adjovi, Owen Sheppard, George Daly, Ethan Stone, Jack Griggs, Harrison Lattimore, Reid McLeod, Joshua Roberts, Harrison Pimenta

U10 Team Award Winners

Adrian Cunningham, Luke Bush, Frankie Barrett, Harvey Berridge, Romeo Alves-Haynes, Danny Nielsen, Billy-Jay Blaney, Bailey Foster, Gregory Phillips, Zack Daniels, Riley Holliday, Nick Inetas, Sam Barnes, Joshua Joyce, Daneesh Mayuran, Kai Gohil, Juliette Clark, Mason Whittaker, William Hinchliffe, Matei Ciobanu, Tyler Heginbotham, Kara Thomas, Ellie Sheppard, Abigail Scragg

U12 Team Award Winners

Zane Martell, Harry Barlow, Chris Hennessy, Oscar Bond, Abdul Quadoos, Cole Kleboe, Logan Spires, Haruben Mand, Elliott Whiteley, Theo Hornbuckle, Elliot Banks, Elizabeth Mawdsley, Daniel Adelman, Keeleigh Tate, Ben Clark, Ella Hill, Ruby Davies, Sasha Simmonds

U14 Team Award Winners

Jayden Gardner, Tom Russell, Thomas Nicolle, Faris Elharrati, Darnell Wright, Elliot Stevenson, Oliver Pritchard, Zahir Al-Nawab, Dominic West

U16 Team Award Winners

Zack Shallom, Aidan Kolshi, Michael Njini, Oliver Connor, Daniyal Khan, Gerald Nestman, Gabriel Mensah, Dominic Wall, Daniel Sheppard, Louis Davies, Joshua Thorngate, Aaron Siuthani, Ryan Rana, Alfie Bradley, Tyler Clayton, Harry Black, Harvey Atkinson, Ben Anderson

Old Boys Team Award Winners

Max Muir, Cameron Williams, David Down, Jack Beavis, Steve McNamara, Cameron Payne

U9 Team Award Winners

Arthur Jones, Buck Cheema, Jesse Moore, Royce Gurung, Harry Jones, Mason Jones, Noah Walpole, Sean Melton, Mason Prior-Lang, Sheralene Planson, Jessica Sargent, Mia Galloway

U11 Team Award Winners

Bobby Wakeford, Elijah Loveday, Isaac Harrison, Savain Caldera, Brody Hefford, Andrew Hoolan, Sonny Alexander, Bradley McKinnon, Miguel Da Silva, Chloe Hickling, Izzy Cleminson, Poppy O'Brien

U13 Team Award Winners

Alfie Griffiths, Jamie Warren, Oliver Barrass, Daniel Brierley, Jake Hurley, Nehemiah Adams, Aidan Crane, Daniel Crane, Thomas Praine, Finnan Loveday, Prabanchan Sathasivam, Fraser Brodie, Dougie Humphreys, Luka Simpson, Lewis Barnes

U15 Team Award Winners

Jamie Craig, Luke Buckingham, Harry Dalton, Reuben Freeman, Rhys Coombs, Kira Hewitt, Joe Wilkins, Reece Talbot, Harry Keane, Alex James Conway, Theo Cross, Seb Thomas, Findlay Cullen, Dan Hockley, Louis Bissessur, Lauren Taylor, Connie Gimblett, Jess Birchmore

U17/18 Team Award Winners

Robert Skinner-Taylor, Freddie Miller, Thomas Martin, Thomas Carrington, James White, William Conway, Connie Goodchild, Aimee Corr, Keri-Louise Gosden